Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Here are a few tips that we would like to give you for the care and maintenance of your asphalt driveway / project.

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On hotter days there is a potential that tire marks may appear. The tire marks will go away with continuous compaction by routine driving, but do not turn your tires on the asphalt if the car is not moving.


If a crack develops in your driveway it is most likely due to the frozen grounds. If this happens, it is not necessarily damaging to the life expectancy of a residential driveway / project but should be crack filled.


Your driveway / project has been laid with a paving machine, but there may be some spots that must be finished by hand. In the spots where handwork is done, the rocks will come to the surface. A seal coat will smooth out any exposed rocks.

Seal coating should be done within the first two years after installation; then do not apply a second coat more than every three years. Seal coating will fill any expansion cracks and will protect your driveway/project from elements that damage asphalt. Seal coating your driveway/project too often can cause excessive build-up that will result in a checkered look.


There are many enemies of asphalt. Petroleum products such as gas and oil, sharp objects such as bicycle kickstands and grill legs; trailer hitches and jacks are all common enemies. Heavy vehicles can also be detrimental to the life of your driveway / project.

REMINDER: Seal coating should be done within the first three years of installation to help protect the look and life expectancy of your driveway.